Monday, October 31, 2011


It has been almost a year since a neurologist strongly suggested that I not drive. As such, I have to "outsource" that task to others; friends, family, taxis, or my feet.

As of this writing my husband is out of town, meaning extra burden on other family members and/or friends. My sister had to take me to my son's parent-teacher conference. Both my sister and mom have to take my son to tutoring, while the Old Man is away.

So I'm trying to expand my network of potential drivers. I contacted Ride Connection, a transportation service for disabled people, and a volunteer will be talking me to my cancer writing group, which starts up again tomorrow. Another friend suggested that I contact the local chapter of the Cancer Society, and still another  said her daughter would be willing to drive me.

All of this requires better planning and organization on my part, so I can give potential drivers fair notice. Others can be more spontaneous with their plans.

It takes a village to me me.

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