Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My first name's not honey...it's Eden...Mrs. Jones if you're nasty.

At 44, some people still call me "sweetheart" or "honey". Example: I went to get my teeth cleaned, and the hygienist kept addressing me as if I were one of her younger patients. I started complaining to my mother about this and she (my mom) suggested that I shouldn't take this as a dis.

But since when is a 44 year old woman a sweetheart or a honey. I mean, it's one thing for someone who knows me well to call me that, but it feels different when someone I see only casually calls me that. And I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I believe my child size stature plays a role when someone addresses me in the diminutive.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's a cultural thing. Is she older than you or from the south?

TinaE said...

I used to get annoyed by that, too...and I am 5'4". I just tell myself in my head "they mean well" and breathe. It helps.

Pat Rogers said...

Younger women over here do that all the time. I just grit my teeth and tell myself that things have changed. When I was their age you only called another woman hon if you wanted to patronise them or look down on them.