Saturday, March 12, 2011

The letter G

My maiden name Godbey starts with G.

I've been playing Scrabble on my iPhone in a feeble attempt to keep my brain strong. G is worth two points.

I'm not as good with words as I used to be. Still, I have forced a lot of online Scrabble players to forfeit.

G as in getting along;settling for less than perfect.
G as in God! I would like to take a trip-anywhere!
G as in getting through another round of chemo.
G as in glassess raised in celebration of the weekend.

Getting back to Scrabble, don't you hate it when you have a cool letter like Q, but there is no U on the board, so you can't make a word.

Gee I feel tired today--this whole week actually. Pucky on taking chemo for the rest of my life.

Goodness Gracious, but I'm griping. I forget sometimes what it's like to feel good.
G as in grief for another person stricken by cancer.

Lung, that word ends with G, probably worth five points on a Scrabble board. Cost on the board of Life? Too expensive to think about.

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