Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What They Put Up, After They Paved Paradise

As of this writing, there are now four business set to open at The Village on Scholls Ferry, the strip mall at the bottom of the hill on which we live. I complained in an earlier post about the strip mall, and at least one of my complaints remains--it's location.

In what I believe is a misguided attempt to ease congestion around the mall, developers have done just the opposite, creating a very narrow roundabout, at which nearly no one yields, and school buses struggle to navigate.

However, in the interest of "research", I visited one of the first shops to open there, a nail salon called Moda. Here were the positives about my experience:
  • I could walk there.
  • I sat in a chair that massaged my back as my toes were being scrubbed and painted.
  • Getting both a pedicure and manicure there was cheaper than where I usually go.
  • The staff was friendly and did a good job.
Possible negatives:
  • The place wasn't that busy when I went, and nail salons seem a dime a dozen, so I don't know if Moda will stay afloat, or if it's presence will help the property values of the neighboring cluster of houses.
  • If the business does succeed, there still is the issue of congestion and noise, and how that might affect the neighboring homes.
I suspect that those who live nearby will be happy when the mall is fully operational. For now there is a lot of construction noise, and not much business yet.

Next, I plan to try the coffee shop at the "village".

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