Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Recession Blues.

Did I get a B.A.
Or was it just a bare ass
Did you get a B.S.
Or was it just bullshit
It don't matter what you learned anymore
Your skills aren't needed, so were showing you the door
That's the recession blues
Your company don't make enough money so start singing
The recession blues

Without a job
I hope you don't get ill
have a heart attack or cancer
because if you do, you'll have to foot the whole bill
That's the recession blues
You have no insurance but have the
recession blues
You'll die before you see a doctor, so sing
The recession blues

All these houses going up
with no one in them
All these going out of business sales
and no one to sell them
People holding signs saying
"will work for free"
Me. I'm on the street corner singing
now sing it with me
I've got the recession blues
hubby just got laid off
I have the recession blues
He has them too
We never thought this would happen
It could happen to you
Don't get the recession blues

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