Sunday, November 16, 2008

No Soma Holiday for Me

Why was I up at 6:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning?

At 5:45, I lay in bed, getting up for about the third time, when I debated going back to bed or declaring myself awake. Truth be told, I don't count myself awake until I get my intravenous coffee drip.

I try to go back to bed, but my nose is plugged and my back hurts, so I go for the coffee. It's a problem I've had for a few days.  Oregon is beautiful, but it can wreak havoc on the sinuses.

As I write this I've been up 2- 1/2 hours, and it's only 8:30. No wonder I get tired early.

I turn on local television news and it brings back many unhappy memories. I feel sorry for the poor bastards who have to get up early on the weekends and produce a newscast that almost no one will watch.

I used to be one of those poor bastards, so I know.

I change the channel and take another stroll down memory lane. I'm watching VH1-classic, and an 80's theme show on.  I was a teenager then.  I find myself singing along to Chaka Khan.

I feel for you
I think I love you.

Words by His Royal Badness--The Artist formerly known as the Artist now once again known as Prince--Stevie Wonder with the assist on a harmonica solo.

Man, what big  hair and colorful clothes people wore then. Back in the day, my hair was big but short, and I wore a lot of hot pink.

My, how I've grown. My how gravity has kicked me in the butt.

Maybe tonight, I'll take an ibuprofen, and a decongestant, so I can get some sleep. But I have to get up early tomorrow anyway.

It's Monday.

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Yukon said...

not only did you wear hot pink, but your teeny, tiny, little self had one smokin' hot jean mini skirt with an awesome top to go with it! I remember, because me and my "big 80's hair self" (let's face it, my hair is naturally "big," so it's "big" whether it's the 80's or not, with luck, that style will come back in as I don't even have to try) helped you pick it out -- you weighed about 2 lbs and looked so cute! Those were the days of "Express" shopping. Ah...the 80's, those were the days.....