Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dear President Obama:

Are you there President (elect) Obama?  It's me, Eden.

I'm a (white) Tae Kwon Do mom from Oregon, and I want to congratulate you on your victory. I'm glad that as excited as you were to be elected to this high office, you cautioned us peons not to expect you to be able to clean up all the turds that will be left behind for you.

Some are still arguing over who is responsible for the mess.  I'm not sure I care anymore (it's those "I don't care" pills I take).   I just know we are in a mess of historic proportions--two wars and a shrinking economy--and us peons want results--and fast--because we're American peons, and we don't wait for anything.

No pressure, though.

I keep hearing how your ascent to the Presidency may perhaps have struck a critical blow to racism. Nevertheless, you had to stand behind bullet-proof glass while making your election-night speech, so I submit that racism is alive and well.

I do think it's great that participation in this election was high.  That, I think, you can take credit for. So many of us feel like our voices aren't heard, or that our personal lives can't be touched by politics, or that our personal lives mean nothing to the suits who make laws.

But I'm a cancer patient, so research and healthcare access are important to me. My life and the lives of some very dear friends of mine depend on it.
My husband's job is important to him. He needs one so he has health insurance, (and money for a weekend golf game).
And I want my son to have a stable source of education, and educators who actually care whether he's learning.

So I wish you good luck as you take your pooper-scooper to Washington.


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Yukon said...

Amen, Ede's! It's going to take quite a while to dig out of the poo pit that has been left us. I don't expect 4 years will be enough. When we can all be rational and not our "instant gratification" selves, we can maybe realize this is the product of 20+ years of economic policy. That won't be easily swept away -- or quickly -- but I think if we all stay mobilized, it can get done a lot quicker. Here's hoping.... Gotta say, I feel more hopeful, like with time, hard work and all those other "good old American cliches" we can maybe pull it off!

As for Obama, I believe, sincerely, he will do his best. If he can stay out of getting too jaded by his post and all the "Washington Culture" he'll be fine, if not, I like to hope he will re-align himself quickly and stick to who he is. Time will tell. I'm willing to watch, wait and be hopeful.