Sunday, January 20, 2013

People who shouldn't have guns

-Me. I figure if my diseased brain makes it unsafe for me to drive, it's probably not safe for me to use a firearm either.

-My dad. He suffers from dementia, and actually had firearms. Since he sometimes hears and sees things that aren't there, we got rid of his guns.

-Yes. The person who murdered 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary. TWENTY KIDS. If this does not make us want to take a closer look at how guns get in the wrong hands, then we are pretty fucking disturbed.

But the shock of the Sandy Hook tragedy seems to have worn off. When I get on Facebook, I'll see a pic of Stalin or Hitler, with the caption,"The experts agree, gun control works".

I am for self protection, but as I wrote, even I shouldn't have a gun. I do, however have a security system, and my cousin has two big dogs that I bet make fabulous deterrents.

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