Saturday, May 21, 2011

The invisible women

I was talking to a friend and former classmate of mine who has cancer. She said something interesting; that in high school, she felt invisible and, that she was in in awe of my "smarts". What? My sister, who got straight As wasn't in awe of my "smarts", and I didn't awe anyone with my looks. In fact, I think I looked stupid.

So I told my friend that I felt invisible too, back in the day. In fact, when I first opened a Facebook account, I wondered if people friended me, just because, or if they friended me because they remembered something about me. I was not that noticeable. Anyway I told my friend that I remembered her and that she wasn't invisible to me. I remember her being in almost all of the school performances, and she always had a bubbly attitude. And yes, she is pretty, though she would say she is plain.

Two invisible women, floating among hundreds of invisible people.

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Chris McNaught said...

I felt invisible in high school. I wasn't really part of any social group. At our reunion, I mentioned this to someone, who said to me, "You weren't invisible. I had a big crush on you."

Seriously? How did I not know that?

Teenagers tend to be so ego-centric. How is it that so many of us go through that time feeling invisible?

I don't remember who I paid attention to in high school, but Eden my friend, you are definitely not invisible now. You are a powerhouse!