Monday, November 15, 2010

The Weight

Today I start my millionth attempt to lose weight and keep it off. Just like brain surgery, I'm wondering if it is really worth it to try again. Maybe I was meant to be fat. At any rate, my weight is the latest brick wall I shall run into at ramming speed.

But I've already failed at my first step toward this goal. I don't stop eating; close the kitchen, as it were. I get up at midnight and snack, when I should just starve overnight.

I found an application for the iPhone that lets me make a diary of what I eat all day, my weight and my workout too. I've set a goal of two pounds per week, 1200 calories a day. It's not easy. I was hungry late in the afternoon, and had no calories left for a snack, not even yogurt, so I exceeded my quota of calories by 200. Better luck tomorrow I guess.

I wrote in my last post about gays are stereotyped and treated differently. Well I think the same is true for us fat people. People snicker at us, maybe even pass us over for jobs because of our appearance, not knowing that obesity is a more complex problem than just eating too much ice cream. From hear on end, my smart phone will be my personal trainer.

1 comment:

TinaE said...

1.You are not fat. I have plenty of overweight friends & family, & you do NOT fall into that category.

2.Referring to your last blog: I have tons of gay friends, men & women & I don't "get" the "gay bashing" at all. I've worked with gay people. I've gone to a gay wedding. You know, pretty much the same as a straight wedding.