Monday, June 14, 2010

Thank you!

We'll it's done...the birth of the Toxic Twinkie's sister. I'm tired but walking, so that is a goodness.
I was really suprised by the support I received before, during and post surgery. And I want to thank a few folks:

To my parents: For being a constant comfort to me. It's hard being sick, but it's harder having a sick kid.

To my sis, who helped put me in the mood for the hell that was to come. She also took some award winning photos of me. I hope she learns to use her iPhone soon.

To my old classmates who really stepped up to the plate and offered me daily encouragement. So good to know you care.

To some folks I worked with in TV news who also expressed their support for me.

To my son, who wheeled me out of the hospital and made sure I had a stuffed animal to snuggle with at night.

To my husband who is making sure I take my post-op meds.

To my book group friends who came to see me at the hospital
To everyone who has brought over dinner or flowers.
To my cancer writing group friends, who I hope to see again soon,
I have to admit it's getting better... a little better all the time.

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