Sunday, March 7, 2010

Marry Me Jon (Stewart) aka The Jon Stewart Blues

Sing to the tune of Wedding Bell Blues by the Fifth Dimension--

You rock my world and always will.
Because you make me laugh at all the absurd things
that make the news.
But no you'll never get a show
on Fox News.

I've watched your show for a long time
since you had Steven.
Now Steven has his own show
and you don't seem to need him.

Your satire and wit won't carry me,
til you marry me Jon.

You rock my world and always will.
Like when you told the blowhards on Crossfire
they're partisan hacks.
And how you call out opinion shows for pretending
they use facts.

I think it's quite scary
you're the most trusted name in news.
I once worked in television
and it gives me the blues.

Still you're more fun than Sean Hannity.
Please marry me Jon.
Marry me Jon.
I've got the Jon Stewart blues....

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