Monday, December 22, 2008

Sign Up For Total Drama Island!

 One of my son's favorite cartoons is called Total Drama Island.  It's like an animated version of Survivor.

His goal is to make enough money to buy an island and produce his own show there.  He plans to make the money by either playing lottery scratch-its or winning a puzzle called Eternity.

I wish him luck with that.

He's so confident of  his plan reaching fruition, that he's drawn up a contract for potential participants.  It goes something like this:

To get in, you must be 6-12 years old and do the following:
  1. Get a parent signature to let you go to an island for 12 weeks;
  2. make a video that is five minutes long and show your best skills (Simon, are you reading?);
  3. bring NO technology or pets;
  4. bring clothes and bedding and finally
  5. bring your drama!
If your audition is one of the best 20, you can go! Please give your tape to Austin Jones.

Here are the signature slips:

Dear Parents:
If you sign, your girl or boy will be gone for 12 weeks. For more info  you can call------and get your kids off your hands!  

Also bring clothes and bedding and no tech whatsoever!

Sounds tempting doesn't it parents.

1 comment:

Yukon said...

Eden, since my child is the KING of drama, I think he meets that particular qualification -- hands down!